GSoC Week 3 Summary

This week is the third week of the Goog Summer of Code. I foucuesd on refactoring metric implementations and API endpoints.

Meeting log

Date: 10/06/2019, 11/06/2019, 12/06/2019

There are three meeting in this week. The first one is routine meeting, and the second and the third are meeting about the frontend part.


  • Develop unit test for plugin augur_db
  • Understand how front end work and trying to develop frontend for the metrics impelemted(issues releated is the most interested in curent phase)
  • Add helper function to the forntend to adapte to new endpoint scheme

Works Done this Week

  • Developed unit tests for metric implemetned
  • Implemented helper function for the frontend to adapt to new endpoint scheme
  • Added unit tests for API endpoints

Pull Request Created


  • Vue.js is brand new field for me. I took a very long time to understand how Augur frontend works. Firstly, I misunderstand how frontend part mapping endpint to js functions. I belived we should create a new class for repo_group. However, I found we can simply added helper functions into class repo when I started to implement it. But the frontend still cann't keep and pass new attributes repo_group_id and repo_id. I need to modify a lot of files to make it work in the future.

Plans for next week

  • Make modification on frontend part make it works with new helper function
  • Developing a few metrics on the frontend