GSoC Week 2 Summary

This week is the second week of the Goog Summer of Code. I foucuesd on refactoring metric implementations and API endpoints.

Meeting log

Date: 03/06/2019


  • Add API endpoints for the metric implementations
  • Refactor metric implementations for parameters repo_group_id and repo_id to work with new API endpoints.
  • Write documentation for API endpoints.
  • Create unit tests for the metrics implementations.

Works Done this Week

  • Refacored all metrics implemted last week. Now all metrics can accept repo_id and repo_group_id.
  • Created API endpoints for metrics implemted. Now we can use /repo-groups/:repo_group_id/repos/:repo_id/[metric] or /repo-groups/:repo_group_id/[metric] to access.
  • Wrote documentation for new endpoints.
  • Created one unit test but suspended because of dataset issue.

Pull Request Created

Plans for next week

  • Implement and optimize unit tests for metrics.
  • Implement unit tets for routes.
  • More things will be determine in next metting on 2019-06-10.